How reliable are MRI’s (from The Spine Journal Vol. 17, Issue 4)

My Take
In this study the question was essentially “How consistent are MRI findings and interpretations?” The answer: Not very.
Is this a perfect study? No. The sample set is tiny. But we care more about this as a thought experiment.
So what IS my takeaway?
Imaging itself is fairly objective, yes. But people aren’t, and people are the ones interpreting the data here. MRI’s are highly open to interpretation. If you haven’t tried rehab yet (massage therapy, exercise based therapy, etc), that should be your first step. If you give that some time and there’s no effect, it may be time for imaging.

Dislocation/Subluxation Management

For those of us with chronic subluxations/dislocations this is a great place to begin with self management. Feel free to message me if you want to begin a treatment plan to make your dysfunction more manageable.

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