My approach to rehabilitation is a simple one:

Find the cause; Treat the cause.

Every ailment, ache, and pain has a cause. The key to remember here is that it’s rarely a simple cause. Pain and dysfunction are unique from one person to another; your pain is uniquely you.

Alignment, posture, scar tissue etc. make for a fantastic and simple narrative, but they just don’t stand up to scrutiny. To that end I have adapted my practice to respect that.

I take a trouble shooting based approach, and work through clothing (as opposed to the more common use of sheets and oils among massage therapists) as I have found that to be especially effective in reducing pain and improving recovery.
This isn’t just an approach I’ve come up with for my patients, or some marketing gimmick, this is the approach I take for managing my own issues. I have a connective tissue disorder that has resulted in dozens of broken bones and hundreds of dislocations – it has taught me patience and resiliency, as well as the value of working with practitioners who empower me.

I’ll work with you to help you feel better with less dependency on therapists like me.
Let me help you not to need me.