Decreased pain in and around joints

Massage can decrease pressure and tension across joints resulting in a decrease in the aching pain caused by overly tense or unbalanced muscles.

Elimination of low back pain

By decreasing the tension in the low back muscles and lessening the pressure on the lower back the pain can be greatly decreased. Further strengthening of core muscles can prevent a return of those back pains.

Cessation of headaches

Headaches can often be caused by tight muscles or scar tissue in the upper neck impinging on sensitive structures. Treatment to reduce that impingement can thus decrease the frequency of those tension headaches.

Increases in mobility after injuries

After injury we go through a cycle of muscle spasm to immobilize and then healing via scar tissue creation. Massage therapy can help to increase pliability of the scar tissue or decrease the post injury muscle spasm.

Reduction/Elimination of symptoms from whiplash

Whiplash associated disorders are sensitive to movement because of the pain and the muscle splinting the neck, by reducing the pain in the area the splinting of the muscles will decrease and mobility will increase.

Greater comfort sleeping, more restful sleep

Tense muscles and adhesions can cause myriad symptoms from pain or tension to tingling in the extremities or bruxism (grinding of the teeth). Massage can reduce many of these problems.

Increased athletic performance both on field and in training

The effect of athletic activity on the body is very taxing. Massage therapy can aid by flushing metabolic wastes from the muscles allowing for quicker return to training, as well as reducing the effects of repetitive strain injuries such as shin splints, or IT band syndrome.

Reduction in stress and feeling of well being

The feeling after a good therapeutic massage is very rejuvenating, and the decrease in the tension of many muscles can result in increase of the quality of rest and reduction in stress.

Treatment Options

Massage is the main course of treatment, but other options include:

Deep Tissue Work For increased flexibility and muscle flushing to aid in physical activity recovery
Sports Massage For pre-sport prep, and post-sport recovery. Very effective to help increase frequency of training safely
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Very effective for decreasing pain and aiding with quicker injury recovery
Muscle Stimulation For re-education of muscles after cast removal, or to aid in proper movement of joints (such as the movement between the knee cap and the femur, thus reducing knee pain when walking up or down stairs)
Muscle Energy For increasing joint mobility to decrease deep sharp joint pains (like back pain)
Strain Counterstrain A very gentle technique for the treatment of whiplash and acute injuries to treat with very little pain and quick results
Craniosacral To help reinitialize the movement from the head to the base of the spine, which is very effective for many hip problems and headaches